Why Franchising?

  1. Proven and successful track record
  2. Initial training allows you to hit the ground running and reduces costly mistakes in your starting up period
  3. Exclusivity to products and trademarks/ patents
  4. Brand recognition, a franchisee has immediate access to existing brand power
  5. Combined buying power creates opportunities for discounts across their whole supply chain and maintains consistent supply of products
  6. Lower risk of failure resulting in higher success rate due to developed systems and infrastructure with ongoing support
  7. Being part of a team helps achieve greater market share
  8. limited licences per region ensures exclusive customer data base
  9. Marketing assistance
  10. Access to ongoing R&D

Why Us?

  • Operating prototypes – SheerGuard currently have 13 operating locations which are run and operated by the franchisees across Southern Africa. Their success in the business and brand has been achieved as a result of focused expertise on quality and service. 
  • Profitable business which is operationally sound – The SheerGuard model runs smoothly with very few employees and a reasonable workload for an owner operator. SheerGuard has a 100% customer satisfaction policy that results in rave client reviews and referral business. 

  • Cash requirements reasonable – The cash requirements are extremely reasonable for a start-up, which includes the franchise fee, training, industry specific tooling, marketing material, branded clothing and initial stock requirements. 

  • Sufficiently credible – The core business model to be used as the basis for the franchise system has shown steady growth and has a strong management team in place with an unrivalled and extremely credible history. 

  • Integrity and commitment – SheerGuard is focused on providing a structured and consistent service to home and property owners. In building the SheerGuard business model, the team built an organization based on a commitment to the customer and a focus on quality service and products.