Anthony Martin
Johannesburg East Franchise

I think it is Absolutely amazing owning a Sheerguard franchise because:

When Joining the SheerGuard group you are welcomed by all and a feeling of great comradery is transposed immediately.

You receive excellent intense training and support from the owner of Sheerguard who has vast experience and endless information and techniques to make your integration a smooth hassle-free one.

You are armed with accurate details about operating costs and profit margins so that you are not guided into a false sense of security and end up regretting your investment due to misleading information and hidden costs.

Although hard work and long hours is a prerequisite, you can manage your time to accommodate personal events which often are not satisfied working as an employee.

You get the opportunity to be self employed in a highly profitable business with endless product demand enabling you to gain financial freedom.

Ongoing training and sharing of information enables you to “stay ahead of the pack” to keep SheerGuard and your franchise the leader in clear burglar bar technology and innovations.

You get to meet a vast amounts of prospective clients enabling you to create a broad network base quickly, making it easier to attract maximum business.

SheerGuard keeps your advertising costs low buy using new technologies like social media and are able to accurately penetrate large groups of prospective clients that are alligned with your advertising model.

Owning a SheerGuard franchise increases your confidence and gives you a great sense of worth, knowing you own a business of the highest calibre in this industry and therefore easily attracts clients of the highest calibre.

You get to help secure peoples homes which builds a trusting and happy relationship with your clients that leads to personal growth knowing your products keep your clients from harm.

Samantha McEwan
Johannesburg Central Franchise

Having come from a completely different industry to home safety, I thought it would be a challenge, but once I bought my franchise my mind set changed!

I have had complete support from SheerGuard SA head office, from the start up, with step by step assistance, to fully qualified leads which I have had a high success rate with and have already built a strong referral list with the relationships I have with my current clients. Any obstacles that have come along have been swiftly overcome with the personal, efficient support from the SheerGuard SA head office. The return on investment has exceeded my expectations, and I am confident that this year will turn over even more profit. We believe that in this exciting South African economy it is vital we provide not only a premium product, but a complete solution which is both strong and stylish. We want to contribute by adding exactly that and hopefully more.
Quality, style and light allowing safety into your home.
In order to provide this my franchise team and I live by the following values:
Clear – Passion
Strong – Relationships
Safe – Product
These reasons make me realize what I choose to do makes a difference.
“Follow my life -long passion which is to drive a successful, meaningful business which is most importantly rewarding and valuable.”

Ashleigh & Miguel
Midrand/Kyalami Franchise

From Grillers to Drillers

Buying a SheerGuard Franchise has without a doubt not only been a life changing decision but the best one we have made as a couple.
We owned and operated restaurants for 23 years, from top franchises to privately established successful restaurants in Johannesburg and the Western Cape, with compliments of up to 60 staff serving up to 450 customers. The restaurant industry is a non-stop 24/7 occupation and we were looking for a more balanced life style, this could not happen in our restaurant business due to the nature of the industry.
After careful consideration we chose to buy a SheerGuard Franchise and went from self-employed operators to actual business owners in a matter of two weeks. From never having had the opportunity to be “Handy Type” operators, we found the SheerGuard training course held by Ricky Walton to be meticulous, extremely informative and educational. From product knowledge to sales techniques, installation theory and practical we were taught how to do personalized installations of SheerGuard clear burglar bars and transparent gates from start to finish.
SheerGuard Head office has undoubtedly been extremely supportive in sourcing leads for potential sales, but sourcing and establishing our own leads has become second nature due to our sales & marketing training. There is nothing more reassuring than marketing, selling and installing a superior security solution that is backed by a strong brand.
I would also like to commend the head office team for their sincere all-round support in our day to day operations which has helped us make our business the success it is today.

Dean Stainthorpe
Pretoria Franchise

Coming out of school most people would either go straight into university to get a degree or take a “Gap Year” to find out what they want to do with their adult lives.
Having opted for the latter I started my year off by working for a construction company and coaching part time at a school. To cut a long story short it didn't take me long to realise that if I carried on doing what I was doing for the rest of my life I would never make much money and inevitably get trapped in the so called “Rat Race” of life. When I met Ricky Walton- the founder and director of SheerGuard SA, I was amazed at the concept and the potential of Clear burglar bars and Transparent security solutions. In a country where we value our beautiful view yet understand the need for security SheerGuard is the answer. I knew immediately that I wanted to get involved. It was quite simple really, I knew that I didn't want to work for someone for the rest of my life and I did not have the time nor the experience to start a business from scratch. After doing some research, I set up several meetings with Ricky to discuss my future as a franchise owner (quite ambitious for an 18-year-old) and began my SheerGuard journey. As I said earlier making the decision to work with such a dynamic team with a shared vision was simple, was it easy? No. business is difficult and not everyone has what it takes to make a success of it, it can be done if you are persistent and follow the formula. I heard a quote a while ago that stated: “Nothing worth having comes easy” and this could not be truer. Buying a SheerGuard franchise has been a life changing experience for me, it has challenged me, and I have learnt more in the past year than my entire life, this has to do with what I have experienced as a franchise owner, but a substantial portion of that learning has come from the continuous support offered by SheerGuard head office, their regular training sessions and genuine interest in the individual success of their franchisees.

Tyrone Devitt
Johannesburg North Franchise

After being in the hospitality industry for 20 years I really wanted a new challenge in life.

When the opportunity arose to buy a SheerGuard franchise I had absolutely no hesitation to grab it with both hands.

I am now 6 months down the line and have no regrets whatsoever. From the moment I met Ricky Walton and the SheerGuard HQ team I knew that this was the right decision. The training that is provided when you start enables you to hit the road running with the knowledge and confidence to run a successful business. Your strengths and weaknesses are identified and Ricky works through these to bring the best out of you.

The support from Head Office has been amazing, always ready and willing to assist when you need them.

SheerGuard’s highest standard with regards to product and service delivery really enables you to perform at your absolute best at all times.  I am now running my own successful business with pride but more importantly with so much enjoyment.

I was someone who was looking for something completely new and challenging in life and I am so grateful that I found SheerGuard.

Shaun Besarab
Cape Town North Franchise

I am elated to be a member of the SheerGuard Family and although I was sceptical going into the training programme at first, it has been a positive and worthwhile course, facilitated by an extremely knowledgeable Ricky and his equally enthusiastic team.
Thanks again to Ricky and Team for providing me with a thorough and all-encompassing training course, I now have a solid platform to work from for my business to grow.

Julie Fargher
Helderberg/Stellenbosch and Surrounds Franchise

Deciding to change your career is never an easy decision. My husband Michael and myself did just that, we not only changed our career but decided to move to a new province as well.

For the last 14 years we have been running our own businesses in Midrand Gauteng. My husband ran a successful garden company and I ran a successful domestic agency. Most of our immediate families live in the Western Cape so it was on our minds for some time to try relocate to be closer to the family. Easier said than done.

My brother bought into the SheerGuard family over a year ago and successfully runs SheerGuard Northern Suburbs in the Western Cape. He mentioned that a franchise for Helderberg Stellenbosch and surrounding areas was available and that we should look into buying.

Wow a great opportunity just opened.

This was a blessing and the perfect way for us to relocate and be closer to our family.  We managed to sell our business in about 6 months and made the transition into the SheerGuard family and the Cape.

SheerGuard is a progressive security solution provider specializing in clear Makrolon polycarbonate burglar bars and transparent security gates.

We were welcomed by all at SheerGuard at our training that took 2 weeks up in Johannesburg then a few weeks when we arrived in Cape town by the 2 other Franchises, Cape Town Central and Cape Town Northern Suburbs – we are grateful to you all.

We relocated in February 2019 and in the short 5 months we have managed to make our mark as SheerGuard Helderberg Stellenbosch and surrounding. It is important for us to become part of the local community, a safe community is a happy community.

So far we have been involved in many beach clean ups, Winter Wonderland and the Regatta. Watch this space…..

We look forward to a great future in the Western Cape, Gordons Bay.

Our client’s safety is our number one priority.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the SheerGuard family helping us every step of the way, the support, advice and help has been priceless.

SheerGuard – the clear solution for your safety.