Anthony Martin

Johannesburg East

I think it is Absolutely amazing owning a Sheerguard franchise because:

When Joining the SheerGuard group you are welcomed by all and a feeling of great comradery is transposed immediately.

You receive excellent intense training and support from the owner of Sheerguard who has vast experience and endless information and techniques to make your integration a smooth hassle-free one.

You are armed with accurate details about operating costs and profit margins so that you are not guided into a false sense of security and end up regretting your investment due to misleading information and hidden costs.

Although hard work and long hours is a prerequisite, you can manage your time to accommodate personal events which often are not satisfied working as an employee.

You get the opportunity to be self employed in a highly profitable business with endless product demand enabling you to gain financial freedom.

Ongoing training and sharing of information enables you to “stay ahead of the pack” to keep SheerGuard and your franchise the leader in clear burglar bar technology and innovations.

You get to meet a vast amounts of prospective clients enabling you to create a broad network base quickly, making it easier to attract maximum business.

SheerGuard keeps your advertising costs low buy using new technologies like social media and are able to accurately penetrate large groups of prospective clients that are alligned with your advertising model.

Owning a SheerGuard franchise increases your confidence and gives you a great sense of worth, knowing you own a business of the highest calibre in this industry and therefore easily attracts clients of the highest calibre.

You get to help secure peoples homes which builds a trusting and happy relationship with your clients that leads to personal growth knowing your products keep your clients from harm.

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